Real Estate 101: Investing in Property

The new year is in full swing, and now is the perfect time to set yourself up for success: to reconcile the past, live fully in the present and prepare for the future. The best way to build the foundations for a great future is to invest. Invest your time in what’s important to you. Invest your efforts and passions in your career and professional dreams. And now more than ever–with the housing and rental markets approaching an all-time high–invest your $$ in property.


Why Invest in Property?

Owning a new piece of property adds a tangible asset to your financial portfolio. Even more, the real estate market is experiencing growth like never before. According to real estate expert and influencer Brian Buffini, there were 5.56 million existing home sales in 2019, making last year the 4th best real estate market in history.


Why Athens?

So far, property investment sounds great, but how do you know if you’ve chosen the right place to invest? 

“This city has endless opportunities. There is constantly new construction and growth combined with the preservation of history and tradition. Recreation, sports, dining, night life, education, art—you name it. We’ve got it all. And it’s the best place to call home.” – Greg Waddell

Athens provides the perfect starting point, as college towns are steadily in high demand, even over time. Further, Athens business is growing and new subdivisions, apartment complexes and other residences are being constructed in surrounding Athens areas such as Watkinsville and Winterville.



Athens is the perfect location for property investments because there are multiple demographics looking for residence in this area. 

  • An influx of college students are searching for places to rent for the school year. 
  • Young professionals are looking for transitional places as they begin full-time jobs. 
  • Young families are on the hunt for long-term places to settle down and raise their children. 
  • Senior adults are coming to the Greater Athens area to downsize into retirement lifestyles. 
  • As Athens is home to the Georgia Bulldogs, short-term rental properties are always in high demand, especially during sports seasons. Take a look at the places on Air BnB and VRBO in the Athens area to get ideas and inspiration for all of your possibilities!



Why now?

The spring market is starting early this year. Essentially, the peak season for real estate buying and selling is gaining momentum in January and February instead of the typical timeline in March and April. This means that waiting even just a couple of months could cause you to lose  the opportunity to acquire the property on your short list.


Okay, I want to invest in property. How do I start? 

“Your return on investment (ROI) starts at the purchase price. That’s where Broad & Main comes in. We step in to make sure you get the right price to contribute most to your ROI.” – Greg Waddell

If you’re ready to take your first step in property investment, it is important to have the best resources and connections at your disposal. Here at Broad & Main, our agents are experts in the buying and selling process, closing details, price negotiations and more. Our team has a combined 75+ years of experience in real estate, marketing and investing, so we can tackle any obstacles or concerns that may arise. We also complete an in-depth extensive search of our network and the GAMLS, a state-wide listing database of houses on the market, to find you the best property for your investment. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to take the leap into property investing in the Athens area!